The Startup Live Event took place from 25.11 - 27.11. November for the third time in Innsbruck in the TECHCOWORK (formerly berg & werk).

Interview with Georg Kuttner
Managing Partner of startuplive

What exactly is Startup Live doing?
Startup Live is about helping new founders with new business ideas to develop their ideas and bring them to the next level. A special feature of this weekend event is that even people who are simply interested in the startup scene and want to dive into these sniffing or dipping are welcome.
In concrete terms, this means that on Friday everyone is given the opportunity to present their business ideas in front of the other participants. Subsequently, interdisciplinary teams are formed around the best ideas and work together intensively on the business model.
On the second day there will be a lot of mentors, experienced entrepreneurs and experts from different areas who support the teams energetically.
At the end, there will be a final event on the last day, at which the well-developed ideas will be presented to a jury of investors and important representatives of the local start-up scene. There are also great prizes to win and, of course, lots of confetti.

Why should people use this opportunity?
From my point of view, there is hardly a better way to carry on so much in such a short time and to get through with his idea. By this I mean not only the work on the business model itself, but above all also the contacts to the mentors and investors, which one links this weekend.
Since we have successfully carried out these events in Europe (and also Tel Aviv) for years, we have been able to build up a very large network and a community from which the participants can profit afterwards. For example, the two most successful Austrian start-ups Runtastic and Shpock have their start at Startup Live.

Looking back at the weekend, what was special? Dynamics, ideas, etc ...
The special thing was the incomprehensible development that all the teams had this weekend. Some of them came on Friday with only one idea and are on Sundays with a finished business model including the necessary contacts it took home and are now just before the foundation.

Is there already a next date for Innsbruck / Tirol?
Yes, probably at the end of April. We will make the specific date in the next few days on our website