become part of our coworking space.

Enjoy the freedom to focus on the essentials. On your idea. We provide you with the workplace.
The basic equipment for individual work. Here your ideas grow and make visions come true.

Workshops & Laboratories
Workshops & Laboratories
Workshops & Laboratories

Best service!


In the TECHNOLOGY & COWORKING CENTER Hall we offer you a full-fledged workplace, easy and fast,  without major financial expenses such as deposit, brokerage fee, operating costs, electricity costs, etc.


Fix oder Flex?

You can choose a fixed location, which is only available to you, or you decide for a flex table. This means that you can choose a free table on each working day, which you will clear in the evening. The following are included in FlexTisch: workplace with office chair, desk lamp, WLAN, kitchen use, printer (fair use). Fixed tables also have shelves and access to the in-house FTP server.

For all Requirements

Plug & Play

You can choose from 65 workstations in 4 floors. You only need your computer, we have internet, printer and all the necessary tools for you. So that you can devote yourself exclusively to your work.

Together Creative!


The Technology & Coworking Center Hall offers you not only the place for concentrated work. It is a social space that enables community and networking.

... an ideal location for the exchange between already experienced researchers and young, innovative founders within the same industry as reciprocal sources of inspiration for new ones.

Relaxed Working

For all needs is provided

Relax in our meeting point or the sofa corner and make important contacts with other coworkers. For business meetings, you can relax in one of our size variable meeting rooms.

Thus your meeting room has the size according to your needs.

Own Space!

Individual offices

Five individual offices offer delimited rooms for small teams.